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CHECK-IN TIME: 2:00 pm
CHECK-OUT TIME: 10:00 am

By making a reservation You agree to accept, without qualification or limitation, all the Terms and Conditions as set out herein. The property reserves the right to alter, change, remove and/or replace any terms, conditions, offer, promotion and/or program at any time without notice.

1. ARRIVAL / CONFIRMATION  Upon arrival, each guest will be required to sign a standard registration form, and accept the terms and conditions therein of his/her stay.

Bookings are held in good faith for the arrival and departure date listed in the reservation, at the rate specified. To confirm reservations, either current valid credit card details are required, or a deposit received equal to first night's accommodation or up to 50% of the value of the total stay, 10 days prior to arrival. Variations to this may apply during peak periods at the property's discretion.

2. CANCELLATION  A cancellation fee will apply to any booking cancelled within 24 hours of arrival time. If no arrival time is specified, it is deemed by 8pm of that day. Any cancellation fee will automatically be charged to the credit card on the confirmation, or deducted from the reservation deposit. Cancellations must be made by 5:00pm(general close of business) on the day prior to the applicable cancellation period.

Cancellation within 7 days of arrival date: 50% forfeit of the total booking price.
Cancellation within 2 days of arrival date: 100% forfeit of the total booking price.

Duration of cancellation terms may vary at any time at the discretion of the property. Please refer to the cancellation policy stated on the reservation for any variation.

If we have received your booking from a third party booking source, contact the company with which you made the booking to discuss the terms of your booking, cancellation and/or refund.

3. PAYMENT PAYMENT IS UPON ARRIVAL  You are required to provide a credit card number as a guarantee for the booking you have made. No payment is charged to that credit card unless requested by you at the time of booking.

PLEASE NOTE: that payment by credit card attracts a 3% transaction fee, American Express 6%. Eftpos and Direct Credit payments do not incur a fee.

If credit card details are not provided at time of reservation, a 50% deposit of entire duration of the reserved stay may be required in advance, to secure your booking, with the balance being paid on arrival at the motel.

We may require an additional bond payment of up to $200.00 to cover any miscellaneous charges, especially in the circumstances where cash is being paid and no credit card details are being supplied. This amount will be refunded in full on your departure if the property management is/are satisfied that no damage has occurred or any unpaid charges are not due.

PAYMENT BY INVOICE: Corporate Bookings only (unless otherwise arranged).
Terms of invoice payment are payment within 7 days of issue.

Payment by invoice must be arranged at time of reservation. Interest will be charged on all overdue invoices. Unpaid invoices will be referred to a debt collection agency and all collection costs will be charged and added to the amount owing.

4. CAR PARKING  Free car parking for guests is available – if you have more than one vehicle per unit you are required to inform the motel at the time of reservation.

5. SMOKING   Strictly “NO SMOKING” - Smoking is not permitted within any of the motel units.
Any breach will incur an automatic $150 charge.

6. DAMAGE / THEFT  Any damage to the motel, its grounds, rooms and equipment (including linen etc) or removal of supplies & equipment will be charged for, at full cost of replacement and re-instatement. Any consequential loss of room hire to the motel due to any such damage, will also be charged. Administration fees of up to $100 per instance may also be charged where applicable, at the discretion of the property management. Excessive & unreasonable soiling/staining of motel interiors, sheets & linen will incur an automatic $50 cleaning and/or laundry charge.

7. PETS   No Pets. Pets of any type are not permitted into the motel. If guests breach this policy there will be an automatic $100 charge made to the guest. If after guest departure from the motel evidence of animals having been in a unit is discovered, there will be an automatic charge of $100 levied at that instance, to the relevant guest.

The property may alter any of these terms and conditions for specific bookings, and advise at time of reservation, the terms and conditions that will apply, (ie Group or Peak Period reservations, Event Weekends).

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